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Leveraging Our Joint Capabilities

The ARC Training Centre for Biofilm Research and Innovation provides pathways for engaging with industry to:

Develop a new generation of specialists in biofilm monitoring and control through training, education and mentoring of HDR students and early career researchers. This will be achieved through collaborative research projects and training with the industry partners, intern experience and workshops focused on better managing biofouling issues that meet the requirements of the regulatory bodies.

The centre activities will create new knowledge which will be directly transferred to the industry via training and workshops on how to practically implement modifications to their biofouling management processes. These new management solutions that will enhance the competitiveness of our industry partners.

Foster close partnerships between academic experts, industry and other end-users to translate research into innovative solutions to benefit industries worldwide.

Options for establishing a cooperative partnership include

PhD Projects: A PhD student works on a focussed industry project, generally for three years, while receiving training and guidance within the training centre environment. The industry partner contributes towards the student stipend and is actively involved in defining the project and supervision.

Postdoctoral Projects: A skilled Early Career Researcher (ECR) works on a specific industry project with co-supervision by a Chief Investigator and the industry partner. Projects range from 1 to 5 years. The industry partner contributes to the support of the ECR while accessing the training centres network and the consolidated resources and capability.

Consulting Projects: Some industrial issues require dedicated input from our Chief Investigators.

Events and Workshops: Attend one of our on-line webinars or workshops covering key topics in biofilm research. Subscribe to our Newsletter and social media platforms for current event information. Explore possible partnering opportunities email

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